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Being a Guest Blogger

Earlier this year I was contacted by George Rede who has a wonderful blog called “Rough and Rede II, Just one voice on The Left Coast.” He is a friend of my sister, Alexandra Zell and her partner, Brian Wartell, in Portland, Oregon. George recently retired from the newspaper, The Oregonian and, as a journalist after 30 years. He writes about the Northwest, people, places, food, friends, books…and features guest bloggers. If you are interested in visiting Portland, his blog is a wonderful resource from an insider’s point of view:

On February 22, George featured me as the guest blogger. Many of you already read it and have found George’s blog as well. Just in case you didn’t, here is the link of what I wrote:

It has been five years since I walked through the gates of the Oakland Museum of California to see what it held for me as a retired teacher.

The visitors have now become my teachers. Everyone who comes through the doors has a story. Sometimes I fill in the facts, but it is the story that keeps us connected to each other. I am no longer behind a desk, I am out in the world.





4 thoughts on “Being a Guest Blogger

  1. Love your story Emily,

    About all the stories you hear from our visitors. And how clever of George to ask a Portland native transplanted to Oakland to write about retirement for all those Portlanders.

    You mentioned Google so I have a story for you about that. John’s paternal grandparents moved from San Francisco down the Peninsula to a farm house with a plot of land. His dad always complained that they were on the wrong side of the tracks (also the wrong side of #101), and it never amounted to much. One day John asked him if he remembered the address. Tony told him, and we googled Google. My kids thinks this is hilarious. We took Tony down to Mountainview to check it out, but try explaining to a 90-something who’s never used a computer what Google “makes.”


  2. Dear Emily,

    Thank you for sending this to me. I love the way you described your experience. If you do not mind I wound like to share this with a good friend of mine, Ruth Nathan. Her husband is a fellow pathologist, which is how we met. Ruth is a teacher and has done a lot of work with reading, holds annual seminars at Asilomar about it, and has written books on the same subject. I think she would love “herstory”.


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