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Oakland Sisters Sing!

I introduced you all to the T Sisters in February. They will be hard at work producing their next album. They are on the road a lot, but next month the girls and their band will be at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. I am inviting you all to join me and a lot of Oakland fans to celebrate these Oakland sisters! Here is a video and a link to their own page and the Freight and Salvage site! See you all there on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 8pm. The doors are open at 7:00pm.

Here they are singing in the Oakland Estuary! Maybe someday we’ll have them singing at the Oakland Museum of California!

Erika, Chloe and Rachel sing!

Link to tickets:

Link to the T Sisters and more videos:

Come and see the girls and their band Steve Height and Andy Allen-Fahlander with drummer Marlon Aldana!

The Oakland Museum of California has taught me the value of community.  Oaklanders like the T Sisters spread the awesomeness of Oakland where ever they travel. Let’s support them while they are playing local!




5 thoughts on “Oakland Sisters Sing!

  1. Emily, I love the sound these woman make. They are beautiful. thank you for sharing this! Much love to you, Martha

    1. These girls are just as sweet as their sound! They will be in Portland and in Bend. Check their touring schedule.

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