On To New Adventures

I have so enjoyed intertwining California History with my own through Herstory these last years. Being at the Oakland Museum of California has been largely responsible for this passion for history. However, it is now time to turn to my love of making art and other things. I have started a new blog called Zellously.com, being that my last name is Zell. It will be up and running this month. You can see a few photos now of my studio at home, and soon there will be something to read along with the pix.

Happy Spring! xoxo

7 thoughts on “On To New Adventures

    1. Hi Noel,
      I have started a new blog that will go live soon and I will send you the link. I have also written a little piece about Andy’s party. It will be about 4 postings away and I will let you know which one it is. Thanks for reading my history blog and come to the Oakland Museum!!

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